The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance – Complete Score Tracklist & Customized Covers

Dark Crystal CC 4A few months ago, the soundtrack to the amazing Netflix series „The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance“, composed by Daniel Pemberton and Samuel Sim, came out and was released in two volumes. Both of them were very well structured in terms of pure listening experience, but the result, of course, was that a lot of the tracks were in the wrong order. Since nobody seems to have created a „correct“ tracklist up until this point, I simply did it myself!

Now, just to clarify, I went through both volumes and the whole series again to make absolutely sure that I didn’t miss any tracks. That said, there are a couple of cues which I couldn’t quite place, which are marked as „Not Sure“ in the list. I still managed to place those at a point on the list where they make sense or at least sound like the cues heard in a certain scene in the series.

But not only that, I also approached my Blog collegue heidl with a certain task: To create a new soundtrack cover which is appropriate for a complete album, without the „Vol 1 / 2“ part and both composers listed. He owns the absolutely amazing site „HQCovers“, where he makes new (and mostly better) covers for soundtrack albums. His work is simply stunning and available for free on his blog, which I will link right here for you:

To my upmost surprise, he actually created 6 new covers, 2 of them the optimized original covers and the rest wholy original ones. I for myself can‘t decide which one I love the most. You can look at them right here and also copy/download at your own gusto!

Finally, I’m sure not everybody wants to listen to an album this long, so I marked the titles which I think are absolutely essential for a great, but much more brisk listening experience. Now, keep in mind, those were choosen purely by personal preference, and if I didn’t manage to include some of your favorite tracks, I sincerely appologize. But you can of course add your own favorites to your personal list or just create a totally new one on your own. This list first and foremost exists to give you the mostly correct order in which they appear within the series.

So, in conclusion, please share this article, so it spreads widely among all the fans of this wonderful show and the incredible music which accompanies it. I hope you appreciate mine and heidl‘s work and will find great fun and joy in it.

Thank you and all the best wishes!

Lasse Vogt

Tracklist with Essential Highlights:

  1. Another World, Another Time

  2. Story Of The Dark Crystal

  3. Rian + Mira Dreamfast

  4. Remember Your Oath

  5. Brea And The Library

  6. Tales From The Sanctuary Tree

  7. Into The Catacombs

  8. Essence Draining

  9. Her Light Faded

  10. The Dark Crystal: The Age Of Resistance

  11. Aughra Awakes

  12. Deet Enters Thra

  13. Aughra Returns / Peeper Beetle Ceremony

  14. Outside Podling Wayhouse

  15. Outcast

  16. Sisters

  17. Deet In The Woods

  18. The Crystal Chamber

  19. The Aureyal + The Throne Room (Not Sure)

  20. Tricky Chamberlain (Not Sure)

  21. Dzenpo!

  22. The Hunter + The Storm

  23. Together We Fight (Not Sure)

  24. Song Of Thra

  25. Dreamspace

  26. Speak For The Dead

  27. All-Maudra

  28. The Journey

  29. A New Crown

  30. The Mystics

  31. The Darkening

  32. An Old Story (Not Sure)

  33. Puppet Show

  34. Attack Of The Arathim

  35. A Few Traitors

  36. Our Sister Is Gone

  37. The Blue Flames Part I

  38. The Blue Flames Part II

  39. The Three Brothers Rise (Not Sure)

  40. Preperation For Battle

  41. The Skeksis Arrive

  42. Thra Is Calling

  43. Battle For Thra

  44. The Seven Clans

  45. What Lies At the Dream‘s End

  46. The Dark Crystal: The Age Of Hope

  47. The Scientist Engineers

  48. The Dark Crystal: End Credits

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