Sideshow & Tell 12/06/17

Sideshow Sound Theatre┃Halloween Music & Film Soundtrack Podcast

Hello the internet and welcome to episode 90 of Sideshow & Tell, where we bring you all the happenings in the world of film music, composers and movie news. This week, host Ian Crabb is joined by his assembly of Justice Avengers, our very own Wonder Woman, the first lady of Sideshow, Tiffany Jordan, the awesome writer, director, film critic, youtuber, soundtrack reviewer and podcaster Lasse Vogt, the ultimate storytopper, the insanely talented sound designer for theatre, Megan ‚Deets‚ Culley, and the incredibly talented composer and meatball chef, Gareth J. Rubery. First of all, your hosts discuss the latest soundtrack releases, including Justice League by Danny Elfman, from WaterTower Music and Coco by Michael Giacchino, from Walt Disney Records. Your hosts also bring us the news that Decca Records are to release the official soundtrack for Guillermo Del Toro’s…

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